Why Be An SIA Member?

Winter Outdoor Only: Be with those who get you!

The business of winter outdoors has its own unique demands, opportunities, pressures, relationships and best practices to effectively meet those needs, collaborate and capitalize. Invest your member-dues resources in, and for, winter.

With SIA membership, you gain access to a global network of companies that speak your language and understand the discrete challenges of winter-specific businesses in a changing world.

Business value: gain it immediately.

Save, adapt, and grow as part of an association of like-businesses helmed by like-minded leaders. Learn, implement, and share best practices, useful resources, and proven expertise to the immediate benefit of your company’s top and bottom lines.

You'll Get:

Learn about business critical tool, resources and valuable supports through our library of educational videos.

Discover cost-saving discounts curated specifically for SIA members including commerce tools to drive online sales, marketing tools to grow your brand awareness, and the best booth space pricing on our consumer event Snowbound Expo and the OR Snow Show.

Network and engage with fellow members from across the industry including suppliers, retailers, resorts and more to share best practices, uncover new resources and discuss the unique challenges of running a business in this industry.

Save money and directly engage with our business experts here to help guide you through issues that challenge your business.

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Consumers: engage because it’s no longer an option not to.

Understand the radically changing consumer, what they know, what they want, and how you skillfully meet them where they are. Increasingly, it is what they expect. And support and benefit from Snowbound, SIA’s consumer-facing platform of events, programs and insights, including the Snowbound EXPO coming fall 2022.

You'll Get:

Engage with your consumers at Snowbound Expo, an inclusive oasis for new and core winter enthusiasts providing a comprehensive retail experience, a first-class speaker line-up and a plethora of impressive interactive features. Only SIA members get exhibitor discounts.

Get a competitive advantage by capitalizing on SIA’s panel of over 100,000 active winter enthusiasts for unique and insightful monthly consumer insights on snowsports participation and trends in the broader consumer market.

Access the annual Participation Report, chock full of demographic and participation stats so you can know your consumer better.

Expose your brand around the world via the Snowbound channel on FUEL TV. This digital channel features SIA member-only content and gives you access to a new, global audience.

Take a look back at our research archive to better understand past data on participation, retail sales and consumer insights.

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Inclusion: put lofty principles into measurable practice.

Make the principles of inclusion intrinsic to how your employees, customers, and suppliers experience your business. Understand why it matters, and help your peer companies do the same.

You'll Get:

Expert advice on how to progress from talking about inclusion to action that actually makes a positive difference for your business and the industry. Grow your business through the insights and learnings from the NextGen Participant Study, an incredible resource for anyone that wants to better understand how to broaden participation in the winter outdoors.

Access to critical inclusive leadership tools, including the Fresh Tracks Playbook, a guide to inclusive leadership for the winter outdoor industry.

Take part in a six month, self-guided inclusion training program that will guide you into gaining perspective on the power of connection.

Insightful resources to help guide and support your inclusion journey, including articles, videos and studies.

Educational Town Hall discussions that tackle different aspects of inclusion in the winter outdoor industry and your business.

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Climate: plan smartly, act wisely.

Explore strategies, tools and techniques to reduce the climate impact of your company’s daily operations. Gain from and support your peers as they work to do the same.

You'll Get:

Explore strategies, tools and techniques to reduce your company’s climate impact and collaborate with your peers as they work to do the same. The ClimateUnited Lab helps businesses of any size and at any point in their planning make climate change an integral part of their business strategy, corporate mission and culture.

Access to SIA’s ClimateUnited Lab, a community platform and space that enables SIA members to work together in real-time and collaborate/share on solutions, and access ready-to-implement tools and resources on how to develop an achievable climate action plan.

Discover low-cost and high-impact climate action solutions focused on leveraging the power of your brand and your marketing to mobilize your customers and employees.

Download the 1.5C Business Playbook – For businesses of any size and at any point in their planning, the playbook highlights how to reach net-zero emissions through exponential action to halve their greenhouse gas emissions every decade, and fully integrate climate action in their business strategy.

Spend time in the ClimateLab video library, where you can find a series of impactful short video conversations with industry peers sharing their insights and approaches to help other businesses accelerate their climate action plan. Attend monthly workshops for guidance on developing a framework around an achievable climate action plan that's focused on real change and that's within your capacity to execute.

Visit with experts during SIA’s Office Hours; your opportunity to ask anything that you need help with on your climate action planning.

Share ideas and best practices with your industry colleagues to accelerate our collective progress on climate.

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