SIA Education at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show

Day One Jan. 10 Day Two Jan. 11 Day Three Jan. 12
Kickoff Breakfast – Keynote Speaker

Hyatt Ballroom 7:30 AM-8:45AM

Emotional Intelligence (EI) and a strong commitment to personal values are integral to effective leadership. Leaders with these skills are keenly aware of their emotions and the emotions of others, and they use those insights to lead, engage, and empower those around them. Impactful leaders are those who can use emotional intelligence as a tool to successfully work with others and make a difference.
Investing in Community is a Winning Business Strategy: Case Studies

Ranger Station (Venture Out) 11am- 12pm

Social good and community outreach aren’t just marketing strategies – they’re fundamental to your business growth and longevity. Industry leaders from Alterra, Solitude, Share Winter and Rosignol will discuss their innovative projects that fully incorporate community outreach and social good into their business strategy.
The Path to Making Mountain Towns Inclusive

Ranger Station (Venture Out) 11am- 12pm

Gerry Seavo James, Together Outdoors Coalition Lead discusses inclusive space design, programming, and outreach strategies that grow a sense of belonging and welcoming for underrepresented communities who have traditionally been excluded or marginalized from mainstream Snowsports culture. These strategies included facilities improvement, community engagement, inclusive history and storytelling, and utilization of beta assessment tool designed by TO and the Trust for Public Land that communities and ski areas can use to aid them in this process.
Who Gained the Most Exposure and Value in 2022, and How You Can Capitalize This Year

Ranger Station (Venture Out) 11am-12pm

Learn how to Invest smarter with insights into athletes on the rise, topics garnering the most engagement, and where brands are seeing the most returns. Learn from the actions of industry leaders and get a breakdown analysis on how to improve your brands social and partnership strategy now, so you can set your team up for a successful 2023.
Feelings matter – they drive community insights, purchasing journeys, brand & communication strategies

Ranger Station (Venture Out) 1:30pm-2:30pm

During the height of the pandemic, when mental health concerns were highest – we discovered that those who identified as living an outdoor adventurer lifestyle were managing better than all the rest! While technologists found themselves anxious and depressed, those who were getting outside, doing what they loved were more comfortable, hopeful, joyful and maintained their hobbies. Our fascinating research not only compares lifestyles/personas, but also the added value of emotional context. These insights are game changers for understanding a brands community, how a brand should communicate best, and their overall strategy. Our customers and partners leverage this knowledge to develop meaningful relationships that are more like friendships that last a lifetime with their communities/customers and we can’t wait to share more insights with you!
Packaging and the Road to Sustainability
Trend + Design Center 1:30pm-2:30pm

Join leading brands, retailers and sustainable packaging experts for a moderated discussion about accelerating our industry’s transition away from problematic products to more sustainable solutions
The Rest of the Iceberg: Supply Chains and Climate Change
Trend + Design Center 2:30pm-3:30pm

Net zero and climate action efforts are vastly ignoring an opportunity to not only reduce their impact on the environment but also promote long lasting societal impacts through supply chain mitigation. Also, gain insight into how your organization can begin to understand and mitigate risks to your supply chain to ensure continuation of business.
Then and Now: Customer Engagement and Acquisition in a Post-Covid environment.

Ranger Station (Venture Out) 2:30pm-3:30pm

Customers have spoken loud and clear; how they live, play, and spend has changed significantly in the last 24 months. In this discussion from Credova’s growth marketing team, we will explore how customers want to be engaged both now and in the future.
Key Technologies to Power Up Your Product Development in 2023

Trend + Design Center 2:30pm-3:30pm

With 2023 set to be another challenging year full of complexities, one thing is certain: spreadsheets won’t cut it. Join us for this SIA speaker session: Key Technologies to Power Up Your Product Development in 2023 where we will discuss the essential scalable solutions to stay competitive and the tough decisions that are needed to prep your business for the future.
Emerging brands – Learn how to answer “Should I sell on Amazon?”

Ranger Station (Venture Out) 2:30pm- 3:30pm

Love or hate it, Amazon is still the dominant force in ecommerce. Yet so many questions remain about the right strategy and approach for sports and outdoor brands on the marketplace: Will Amazon dilute my brand value, or will it help me reach new customers? How do I keep all my website customers from going to Amazon? How can I keep marketplace advertising from being a giant headache, and will I even make a profit? If you’ve had any of these questions about Amazon, attend this session to learn practical answers for your outdoor brand.